Re-Size Your Foam Topper By Cutting It Properly

Now that you have been lucky enough to get a best memory foam mattress topper without spending a penny, it may get too big for your bed. You’ll be wasting your time and effort by trying to tape it down the sides. You would be better off if you cut it down to the required size. It may sound very difficult but isn’t really that hard.

Technically, it’s possible to cut the memory foam topper using your kitchen shears, but it becomes too difficult, time consuming and uncomfortable with that pair of scissors that leaves behind red painful marks on your hand. Probably you have an electric knife at home that you would be using for cutting the Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham. Even if you don’t have one, request one of your good neighbors to lend you theirs.


The next move is to take measurement of your bed. Deducting a quarter inch from all the sides, draw the size directly on the foam using a thick pen or marker. The idea of cutting short by that quarter inch of the size of mattress is to make it convenient for you to pull up the sheets over the mattress topper.

Now, position the foam on top of a table, in such a manner that the end you plan to cut first is just over the edge. Using the knife as if you were cutting a turkey, slightly exert pressure on the knife to cut a clean line through the memory foam. Just as you wouldn’t use the knife in an up and down manner for cutting a turkey, same way handle the knife for cutting the foam. The vibrating knife would cut along a straight line but if you exert too much pressure or work too fast, you may cause the mattress topper to have jagged edges.

Cutting of only the first side may be somewhat difficult but once you have done that, rest will be easy and you will be glad that you made an effort to get a new memory foam mattress topper that perfectly fits your bed.


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